Food Packaging and Brand

Shito Pepper Sauce can spice up even the plainest dishes. It may not be for the faint of heart, this spicy Ghanaian condiment has a strong and smokey taste with a big kick of chili; adding a rich and bold African flavor with plenty of depth and complexity.

THE IDEA – From Kent. United Kingdom; Hello Team, Think of it as a West African version of ketchup or chilli sauce – you can serve it with meat or fish (or use it as a marinade). Nifty Gtfty UK. A household name for Bouncy Castles and Party Events plans putting their foods out there on large scale, so onto all the shelves across the United Kingdom especially for Africans. It was suppose to be under the same brand name so we did a lot of sampling using waterfall effects.

Logo was generated and needed to first put on the market Chilli Sauce normally called Shito in Africa.

They Chose this for the market: Four different lables in different sizes.